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Jim Luce Writes on Faith, Religion and Cults

Delve into the profound depths of faith, religion, and theology; explore the varied perspectives of thought leaders and global citizens, united under a quest for understanding and truth. Our resources aim to illuminate the path towards global citizenship, fostering a spirit of mutual respect, tolerance, and compassion among all. Uncover the diverse beliefs and practices shaping our world; a world where love for humanity transcends boundaries and differences. Discover how spiritual wisdom can be the catalyst for change, inspiring a commitment towards creating a more inclusive, harmonious world.

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  1. Buddhism and the Universal Concept of Social Responsibility (Originally published in Daily Kos, Jan. 18, 2012)
  2. Buddhism for Beginners: Insights from a Non-Buddhist
  3. Can I Help Support Education and Orphan Care in Bihar, India? (Originally published in The Huffington Post, date)
  4. Rev. Dr. T.K. Nakagawa, Japanese Buddhist Monk in New York (May 13, 2023)
  5. Lama Thupten Phuntsok: Tibetan Monk’s Life Outside Monastery (Oct. 10, 2019)
  6. Most-Photographed Man in the World Prepares to Retire (Stewardship Report)
  7. Next Step of Indian Pilgrimage: Mountain Where Buddha Preached (Originally published in Daily Kos, date)
  8. On Pilgrimage: Following the Footsteps of Buddha Across N.E. India (Originally published in The Huffington Post, date
  9. On the Banks of the Ganges: Continuing the Search for My Soul (Originally published in Daily Kos, date)
  10. Our Stand with Martin Scorsese’s Last Temptation of Christ (May 24, 2013)
  11. Photo Essay of Bodhgaya, Where Buddha Became Enlightened (Originally published in Daily Kos, date)
  12. Pilgrimage Postscript: Pneumonia and Possible T.B. (Originally published in Daily Kos, date)
  13. Profound Journeys: Encountering The Dalai Lama and Aiding Children of Manjushree Orphanage (May 9, 2024)
  14. Rediscovering the World’s First Great University in Buddhist India (Originally published in Daily Kos, date)
  15. Revisiting Sen Soji Temple in Tokyo: A Journey Through Time (May 1, 2024)
  16. Soka Gakkai: With 11 Million Strong, One Person’s Faith is Another’s Cult (April 27, 2024)
  17. Touching the Untouchable in a Rural Indian Village (Originally published in The Huffington Post, date)
  18. Under the Bodhi Tree in Bodhgaya Where the Prince Became The Buddha (Originally published in Daily Kos, date)
  19. Varanasi: Holy City of Buddhists – As Well as Hindus, Jainists, Jews (Originally published in Daily Kos, date)
  20. Visiting the Temple of the Golden Mountain High Above Chiang Mai, Thailand (Feb. 12, 2024)
  21. Visiting the Timeless Temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok (April 14, 2024)


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