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Video: Mathew Tendean Luce – Breaking Walls in Santiago, Chile

Mathew Tendean Luce, J. Luce Foundation’s Young Global Leader Representative, joined Breaking Walls in Santiago, Chile last month.

Mathew Tendean Luce: Santiago, Chile 2018

New York, N.Y. The J. Luce Foundation’s Young Global Leader Representative, Mathew Tendean Luce, joined Breaking Walls in Santiago, Chile last month. Here is a video on his experience.

Breaking Walls 2018 Santiago – the seventh annual global conference will consist of community-building, creative writing, creation of a theater piece, peace maker training, and a culminating performance for a live audience, plus the opportunity to share face-to-face dialogue and life experiences as an ensemble. The 28 artists, nine ambassadors and four associates from Barcelona, Berlin, Bethlehem, Brooklyn, Cape Town, Detroit, Warsaw and Santiago will come together for fourteen days to write about issues of self awareness, the thirst for the truth, and how to shape an accepting, peaceful world.

Additionally, our artists, ambassadors and associates will contribute one full day of community service. Breaking Walls Creative Activist Lab is becoming an integral component of our daily workshop structure. Under the guidance of our 2018 Director of Leadership, Adina Taubman, the artists, ambassadors and associates will continue to explore, plan and where possible implement — ideas and opportunities that can have a positive impact on their peers in their home communities.

Our intensive ensemble writing, performing and peace-building theme is “the thirst for truth – words matter” perfectly matches Chilean Nobel Prize Winner Pablo Neruda’s vision of Chile as the “country made for poets” and makes Santiago a natural choice for an artistic and educational collaboration. Chile, like our Breaking Walls global young people, is a vast mixture of races and nationalities where our young people explore their imaginations and share life experience with their peers.

The challenges they all face in these turbulent times, such as struggling with social unrest, intolerance, peer pressure and life in the real and “virtual” worlds, serve as inspiration for creativity, empathy and unity. Each Breaking Walls artist, ambassador and associate will enhance and strengthen their literacy, critical thinking and presentation skills through our multi-level, cross-cultural process taking place in a complex Latin American country. Our 2018 Santiago-based artists are from the United States Embassy’s English Teaching Programs that work with young people in Santiago, the regions beyond Santiago and the indigenous Mapuche culture — a partnership that promises to open new levels of artistic and personal experiences and transformation.

The signature initiative contains three distinct components: “Pen-to-Page-to-Stage”, peace maker training, and the opportunity to share life experiences as an ensemble. These components will culminate in a live theatrical performance for members of the Warsaw community. Breaking Wall’s innovative approach to educational collaboration, community- building and social justice implements the team leader, peer-to-peer, and individual learning methodology.

Team leaders guide the overall process; artists and ambassadors engage in vigorous peer-to-peer collaboration through creative writing, rehearsal, performance, and community-building; and, associates plan and implement the peacemaking experiences. Breaking Wall’s collaborative process is a true model for peace education, global citizenship and youth empowerment.

After each workshop day, artists, ambassadors and associates will explore Santiago together. Currently we are scheduled to tour the Palacio de La Moneda and participate in a “Cooking in Chile” Cooking Class! The Chilean Consulate in New York and our new Santiago artists are recommending cultural excursions for us as well.

Each community Breaking Walls collaborates with offers unique opportunities beyond the creative writing,performance and peace building workshop. Building awareness of how differently Cape Town or Barcelona or Detroit work compared to our individual home communities is eye-opening and empowering for our artists and ambassadors. This is another reason we are so excited about Santiago with its political and environmental struggles. We expect our 2018 Santiago artists to join their global peers to lead a future shaping of their communities and the larger world as their international counterparts are doing now. Breaking Walls is excited to invite four 2018 Santiago artists to join Breaking Walls 2019!


Video: Mathew Tendean Luce – Breaking Walls in Santiago, Chile (Aug. 10, 2018)


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