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Photo Essay: In Aceh Indonesia, Happy Faces of Young Tsunami Survivors

20 Years Ago, the Incredibly Strong Children of Orphans International Sumatera

New York, N.Y. Twenty years ago, the children of Orphans International Sumatera faced unimaginable loss and hardship in the wake of the Great Indian Ocean Tsunami. They were just twelve and thirteen years old, yet their incredible strength and resilience have transformed their lives in ways that inspire us all.

Today, these survivors have grown into accomplished adults, many having graduated from college and built their own families. Their remarkable journeys were made possible through the compassion and generosity of donors worldwide who supported Orphans International Worldwide, an organization that stepped in to become their family when they lost everything.

Meet Bahrizal, Dina, Farouk, Ishak, Rahmiana, Rizki, Wirda, and Wayhu!









Call to Action:

Orphans International is now embarking on a new mission to build a home for formerly “untouchable” (dalit) children in Bihar, the poorest province of India, located near the Nepalese border far north of Calcutta. This initiative aims to provide these children with the same support and opportunities that transformed the lives of the tsunami survivors in Aceh. If you would like to contribute to this project, you can here.

Support the Cause: Donate to help build a new home for dalit children in Bihar and share this project within your networks using our social media hashtags. Join us in celebrating the incredible journeys of these young survivors and supporting the next generation of children in need. Together, we can create a legacy of hope and transformation!

Photo Essay: In Aceh Indonesia, Happy Faces of Young Tsunami Survivors (June 7, 2024)

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Jim Luce
Jim Luce
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