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Joshua Wong: Global Beacon of Democracy and Courage

Photo: Joshua Wong was banned from the election by the government of Hong Kong on October 29, 2019. Credit: Honcques Laus.

In recognition of his courageous efforts, the J. Luce Foundation honored Joshua Wong in 2015. This acknowledgment not only celebrated his achievements but also highlighted the global importance of his struggle. Joshua’s advocacy extends beyond Hong Kong; it is a call to action for democratic movements worldwide, reminding us of the universal quest for freedom and justice

Hong Kong. As a thought leader and global citizen, Joshua Wong [Luce Index™ Score: pending] exemplifies the spirit of resilience and courage necessary to challenge authoritarianism and fight for democratic freedoms. We support Joshua for his unwavering dedication to the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong and his inspirational leadership that continues to resonate around the world.

Joshua Wong’s activism began at a remarkably young age.

Voice of a Generation | TIME – 17 years old student leader Joshua Wong, photo James Nachtwey.

At just 14, he co-founded the student activist group Scholarism, which played a pivotal role in opposing the Chinese government’s plan to introduce “patriotic education” in Hong Kong schools. His leadership skills and steadfast commitment to democratic values quickly became apparent, setting the stage for his future endeavors.

The world came to know Joshua Wong during the Umbrella Movement in 2014, where he emerged as a leading figure demanding greater political freedom and genuine universal suffrage in Hong Kong. Despite facing intense pressure and numerous arrests, Joshua’s determination did not waver. His ability to mobilize and inspire young people, encouraging them to stand up for their rights, has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Joshua’s impact as a global citizen is profound.

He has tirelessly worked to raise international awareness about the challenges faced by Hong Kong’s pro-democracy activists. His eloquence and unwavering spirit have garnered widespread support and solidarity from across the globe. Joshua’s vision for a democratic and free Hong Kong serves as an inspiration for all who believe in the power of collective action and the importance of human rights.

Supporting Joshua Wong means standing with those who fight for democratic principles and human dignity. His leadership, courage, and tenacity continue to inspire countless individuals around the world. We are proud to support Joshua Wong and his relentless pursuit of a more just and democratic society.

Joshua Wong: Global Beacon of Democracy and Courage (June 13, 2023)

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Jim Luce
Jim Luce
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