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J. Luce Foundation and Complete Playground Join Forces to Make a Difference

By Lorraine Silvetz, MSW

New York, N.Y. The J. Luce Foundation proudly announces its partnership with Complete Playground, celebrating a collaborative promotional, cultivating and groundbreaking event for the recently unveiled indoor Complete Playground—a revolutionary, fully inclusive space designed for both typical and special-needs children.

Honoring Real Estate Developer, Complete Gym chain owner, and founder of Complete Playground, Alex Resnik, the J. Luce Foundation recognizes his visionary contribution to the creation of a one-of-a-kind 40,000 sq. ft. indoor playground.

This innovative facility ensures a safe and enjoyable play environment for all children, inspired by Alex’s commitment to meeting the unique needs of his own children and the broader community.

Alex Resnik was presented with the prestigious Luce Foundation Humanitarian Entrepreneur 2023 Award, acknowledging his extraordinary vision and unwavering dedication to this transformative project.

Additionally, the event recognized philanthropic leaders, including John “SohoJohnny” Pasquale, awarded the 2023 “Nonprofit Leadership” honor for his benevolent efforts through the “Let Me Help, Inc.” foundation, supporting those in need through the power of music.  “SohoJohnny” is a regular Renaissance man. He is not only a philanthropist, a major real estate figure with his company Pep Real Estate, an actor, a producer, and a kind-hearted entertainer.

The Clare Boothe Luce Award and the R.Adm. Stephen Bleecker Luce Award for Maritime Leadership were bestowed upon Lorraine Silvetz, MSW, and Robert Silvetz, M.D., founders of Global Stress Initiative, in recognition of their outstanding contributions in providing non-invasive treatment to veterans, service members, and survivors of trauma with PTSD since 2010.

Renowned artist Tatyana Horoshko Gegera and engineer/philanthropist Alexander “Sasha” Gegera were honored for their generous donation of exceptional portraits immortalizing founders of various non-profit organizations, including Let Me Help, Inc., The J. Luce Foundation, Global Stress Initiative, The Henderson Foundation, and Operation Warrior Shield. Tatyana and Sasha recently launched their foundation “Portrait of Freedom” whose mission is to support all children’s, especially the underprivileged, development and training in art.

DeCosta Headley of Brooklyn received an award for his outstanding contributions to the community, highlighting his dedication to enhancing the quality of life through initiatives such as college scholarships, employment opportunities, and social services. DeCosta has always been a leader in East New York, and Brownsville, including his post as District Leader for the 40th Assembly district in East New York. He founded the D.R E.A.M. Foundation which serves East New York in a myriad of ways.

The event, attended by a diverse audience, featured performances by world-renowned classical pianist Dr. Chen Wang, musical savant Jewels Harrison, and Quinn Lemley, star of “Rita Hayworth: The Heat is On!

Jim Luce, founder of the Luce Foundation, emphasized the organization’s impactful work over the past 24 years, spanning Orphans International Worldwide, the Young Global Leadership Foundation, and education centers worldwide.

Several of the Luce Young Global Leaders were recognized for their advocacy and community service during the program. The future is bright with this beautiful team, from a diverse age group, dedicating themselves to making a difference, for the less fortunate, in our world.

For more information about the organizations involved, please visit:

J. Luce Foundation | Complete PlaygroundGlobal Stress Initiative | Let Me Help, Inc. | Portrait of Freedom

Originally published November 28, 2023,


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