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Building Global Love: A Journey with Tzu Chi in Bihar

In the heart of Bihar, India, amidst the vastness of the once-named Dalit (“Untouchable”) community, a beacon of hope rises – the Global Love Village. As I stood amidst the construction, witnessing the collaborative efforts between the Tzu Chi Buddhist Compassion Relief Foundation and local villagers, I couldn’t help but marvel at the transformative power of compassion and community.

Photo: Bix Luce.

Bodhgaya, India. This initiative, reminiscent of Habitat for Humanity‘s endeavors, signifies more than just the construction of 80 homes. It symbolizes a collective commitment to uplift and empower marginalized communities, echoing the ethos of love and solidarity that transcends borders.

My journey to Bihar began with a visit to the Tzu Chi Foundation in New York, nestled near the Roosevelt Island Tram. There, I was introduced to the profound legacy of compassion fostered by Dharma Master Cheng Yen, the visionary founder of the Tzu Chi Foundation. From humble beginnings to becoming one of Taiwan‘s largest philanthropic organizations, Tzu Chi‘s journey exemplifies the transformative potential of grassroots movements.

What sets Tzu Chi apart is its volunteer-driven model, where over 100,000 individuals dedicate their time and resources to serve others selflessly. With minimal overhead costs and a steadfast commitment to sustainability, Tzu Chi has become a beacon of hope for communities worldwide.

From international emergency relief operations to long-term aid programs, Tzu Chi’s reach extends far beyond Taiwan’s shores. Their ability to operate in areas where traditional Western NGOs face challenges speaks volumes about Taiwan’s unique international position and the foundation’s unwavering dedication to humanitarian causes.

As I reflect on my experience in Bihar, I am reminded of the power of collective action and the profound impact of compassion in transforming lives. The Global Love Village stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of solidarity that binds us together as a global community, transcending differences and building a brighter future for all.

Left: the author attended an Interfaith Breakfast at Tzu Chi New York in 2019.

Jim Luce
Jim Luce
Raising, Supporting & Educating Young Global Leaders through Orphans International Worldwide (, the J. Luce Foundation (, and The Stewardship Report ( Jim is also founder and president of the New York Global Leaders Lions Club.


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