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Remembering the Wit and Wisdom of Ethel Grodzins Romm

New York, N.Y. Ethel Grodzins Romm [Luce Index™ Score: 89]


At our Orphans International Worldwide benefit in the home of Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul & Mary, Peter took special care of Ethel.
Although Ethel had never been to Guyana, she was happy to attend an event for that country in my living room across the street from her home on Roosevelt Island.

Ethel edited for me the following stories for publication:


Ethel Romm receiving Orphans International Humanitarian Award at our Fifth Annual Gala, held at the United Nations. Posing here with the evening’s M.C.
After Grodzins House opens, it’s time for our kids to have some fun – wrestling on their new beds!

Ethel (second from left) presented at our first World Congress for Orphans International Worldwide in Bali, Indonesia (2004).
Ethel Romm with our freinds at the orphans International Fifth Anniversary Evening at the United Nations.
Jim Luce
Jim Luce
Raising, Supporting & Educating Young Global Leaders through Orphans International Worldwide (, the J. Luce Foundation (, and The Stewardship Report ( Jim is also founder and president of the New York Global Leaders Lions Club.


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