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Historic Win for Pakistani-American Author, Mumtaz Hussain, at International Impact Book Awards

By Mohsin Zaheer

New York, N.Y. New York-based Pakistani American author, poet, and filmmaker Mumtaz Hussain has etched his name in literary history by clinching the prestigious International Impact Book Award for his English masterpiece, “Portrait in Words.”

The grand ceremony, held in New York, witnessed a gathering of luminaries from the literary world, including authors, writers, and scholars, as they celebrated Hussain’s remarkable achievement.

Hussain’s triumph signifies a watershed moment in the nation’s literary landscape, placing him alongside legendary Urdu short story writers such as Manto, Ghulam Abbas, and Asmat Chughtai. His diverse portfolio, which includes accolades in painting and filmmaking, further cements his status as a pioneering force in literature.

His latest work, “Portrait in Words,” distinguishes itself by intertwining storytelling with captivating paintings, setting a new standard in literary expression.

Expressing his gratitude upon receiving the award, Hussain remarked, “It’s a tremendous honor for me to be recognized in this manner. This award is incredibly encouraging.”

The Pakistani American community and literary circles have showered Hussain with congratulations, affirming that his victory is well-deserved and a moment of pride for all.

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